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Thank you for reading our newsletter. There are a few things you should know about us here at LabJack.
We respect your time and won't waste it with high pressure sales pitches, video conferences with powerpoint presentations or by peddling extended warranties.
LabJack doesn't employ anyone like this guy
Everything is included in the box and our free software can be downloaded at
Our team is committed to helping you and your DAQ project. Our engineers have years of expertise in data acquisition hardware, sensors and software/debugging, troubleshootings, app notes and clear, complete datasheets.
We are real engineers in the USA, Colorado more specifically who can help you select the right product for your project, budget and current software and experience.
Dave - LabJack Software Engineer
Our support doesn’t stop when you purchase. LabJack legendary support means lifetime support for as long as you own the LabJack, an industry leading 5-Year Parts AND Labor warranty.
LabJack devices will work with almost all sensors, software, programming languages and 3rd party devices. Try LabJack devices and our legendary support for 60 days risk free, if LabJack doesn’t meet your needs and expectations send it back, no hassles, restocking fees or hassles.
LabJack is a commercial off the shelf (COTS) data acquisition hardware company. We don’t sell software, offer consulting services or offer highly customized devices.
Our OEM products can be modified by LabJack or your technician for embedded solutions.
Our devices are industrial grade, capable of years of service in the harshest of environments (with the proper protection of course).
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